The Adventures of Chewy and Vader


VaderFour years ago I sat down to dinner with the owner of the computer store that I was an assistant manager at. I was about to go on paternity leave but was expecting to be named the new store manager as our existing store manager was moving back out West and our service manager was leaving for another position. In my mind I had all but worked out how I was going to be able to help manage the store during my leave and what sort of compensation I’d be receiving. We sat down at Q, a restaurant that coincidentally closed down shortly thereafter, and I got ready to accept my promotion when I was told that the store was closing and the entire store (more or less) was out of a job.

As you can imagine, this came as a bit of a blow. The Halifax Mac Store had been an institution in Halifax for years but the opening of an actual Apple Store meant we were no longer able to compete. I briefly worked with a partner company attempting to convert our existing customer base into consulting clients however it was a failed endeavor. And so there I was, unemployed and about to be a father for the first time. What’s a guy to do?

My wife, a self-employed Naturopathic Doctor, and I talked it over and realized that for us it might make sense for me to become a stay at home dad. I could continue to work on some side projects but my primary duty was to take care of Vader. Oh, yes. About the name.

My son’s name is NOT Vader, just like my daughter’s name is NOT Chewy. My wife and I are hesitant to plaster their faces and names all over the Internet. I don’t judge people that do that, it’s simply not for us. But obviously I still like to talk about them on the Internet. There were a few options available to us. We could call him big and subsequent children could be little, littler, etc. I could follow in the footsteps of my dear friend and go with Thing 1, Thing 2, etc. For a while I just referred to him as my son or miniature human. But when my daughter came along, the time was ripe for a naming strategy.

I didn’t really come up with the nicknames. Really, they earned them. When my daughter was about 5 months old she went through a week long phase where she sounded like a Wookie. So I figured, ok. She’s got a lot of hair, she makes Wookie sounds, she’s enormous and she’s the strongest kid I’ve ever met. Chewy it is. Once Chewy was established, my son’s name became obvious. While he’s incredibly empathetic and loving and well mannered, he will also force choke you without a moments notice and does not hesitate to turn on his elders. Thus, Vader was born. I started using an app called Union that let’s you do really simple photo edits on your phone using layers and masking. And as such I was able to post pictures of both Vader and Chewy.

Why a blog? Well, I’m a writer by trade and passion. I’ve been writing my business blog for a few years now and work as an inbound marketing copywriter for a local firm. I LOVE writing. I’ve also been asked more and more lately to be a resource on topics ranging from diaper changing to baby led weaning to toy selection and more. Finally, someone suggested that I should probably write this all down somewhere and The Adventures of Chewy and Vader was born. This blog will be part therapy, part recommendations, part advice, part crying, part support and part fun. I’ll be writing about some of the products that my wife and I use and why, some of the food we choose and the thinking behind it and some of the crazy shit that these two wonderful, terrifying monsters get up to in the span of a day.