Welcome to ChewyAndVader.com, my personal adventures in raising a wookie and a sith lord. Here I’ll document, for future Jedi parents, the challenges of balancing both sides of the force with day cares, freelance work, crazy dietary restrictions and a general sense of chaos.

My name is Mike and I’m a stay at home father of two. My children mean the world to me however most days I feel like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back…off theĀ plank and into the Great Pit of Carkoon, only to be swallowed whole by the sarlacc.

This blog is designed to provide some insights on the ways my wife and I have chosen to raise our children, the successes we’ve had and the multitude of personal and professional failures.

I’d love this site to be as engaging as possible so if you’ve got a suggestion, something you’d like to share, or something you’d like to ask, feel free to do so in the comments orĀ check us out on Twitter.

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