Monopoloy, Dodgeball and Zucchini – A Lesson in Bordedom


Star Wars MonopoloyMonopoly is quite possibly my all time favourite board game. It is a game that I own multiple copies of and at one point in my life, was playing almost daily. Oh, also, I haven’t played it in years and I doubt I’ll pick it up anytime soon. Why? Because apparently anything worth doing is worth doing until we hate it, ourselves and everything around us. Here’s some background on my Monopoly experience. One of my best friends and I took geology in our last year of university. We had pretty easy schedules already but required a science with a lab because universities don’t know how to properly screen people for actual skills and aptitudes. Anyways, this combined with a government job that paid me a lot for working very little and a job as a doorman at a bar that didn’t really need a doorman meant I had a lot of free time on my hand. My best friend had an even easier schedule and so this meant that we got to hang out a lot. And play monopoly. Every day.

At one point I think we played Monopoly for something like 8 or 9 straight days. It started out well but by the end of it we spent a couple of weeks not talking to each other and another couple of months not playing Monopoly. Why? I mean, I love that game, right? How can you hate something that you love? Flashback to a friend of mine’s physical education teaching career. Dodgeball. Everybody loves dodgeball, right? Of course. Obviously. So why, right in the middle of it all did my friend STOP doing dodgeball and switch to something else? Because he’s a great teacher. Kids, and adults, get bored. Repetition breeds boredom. Chewy LOVES bananas. Loves. But for awhile she wouldn’t eat them. Why? Because a banana a day doesn’t keep boredom away.

Same thing goes for zucchini and sweet potato. Chewy LOVED those things. And so every day I would roast a couple zucchinis and a sweet potato and she would shovel them into her beautiful little face. And then one day she just wouldn’t. When Chewy doesn’t want to eat something, rather than saying “dear father, whom I adore, I don’t particularly care for this nourishment today, would you kindly remove it from my plate” she hoofs it off the plate like she’s going out for the Olympic fast pitch team. Oh, and a word to the wise, if she throws something off her plate and you bend down to pick it up, please note that this is the perfect opportunity to hurl half eaten pieces of egg and zucchini at your bald head. Before attempting cleaning up, make sure nothing’s in the batters box.

Mix it up people. Everything. What they watch. What they eat. What they read. We have an aunt and uncle with a cottage just down the rod from us. They have umpteen grandchildren so they have all those awesome old Disney books and once a weekend we trod down for a visit, return 2-3 books we’d previously borrowed and take a couple new ones back to our place with us. Boredom is your enemy. Remember this.